Tentative Program - February 10, 2017

EMC Workshop, 1400 - 1700 hrs
CyberEye Workshop, 1400 - 1700 hrs

Tentative Program - February 11, 2017

Time Description Venue
0930 - 1000 Registration Outside C01
1000 - 1030 Introduction by Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi & Prof. PK C01
1030 - 1115 Keynote 1
Speaker: Dr. Anu Khosla, Director, SAG DRDO
Title: TBA
Session Chair: Dr. Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi
1115 - 1145 Photo session and Tea break Lobby Area, Ground floor
1150 - 1220 Invited Talk 1: Mr. Felix Mohan, CEO, CISO Cybersecurity
Title: Cognitive Security & Impact on National Security and Workforce
Session Chair: Ms. Mehak Khurana
1230 - 1300 Invited Talk 2
Speaker: Prof. Sandeep Kumar Shukla, Professor, IIT Kanpur
Title: How Safe are our Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attacks?
Session Chair: Dr. Arun Balaji Buduru
1300 - 1400 Lunch Lobby area, Ground floor
1410 - 1440 Invited Talk 3
Speaker: Dr. Madan M. Oberoi, Director, Cyber Innovation and Outreach, IGCI
Title: TBA
Session Chair: Dr. A V Subramanyam
1440 - 1510 Invited Talk 4
Speaker: Dr. Sameep Mehta, Researcher, IBM Research - India
Title: Secure Analytics & Securing the Analytics.
Session Chair: Dr. Shelly Sachdeva
1510 - 1545 Tea Break Lobby area, Ground floor
1545 - 1615 Invited Talk 5
Speaker: Prof. Kannan Srinathan, Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad
Title: Advantages of Additional Adversity
Session Chair: Mr. Rishabh Kaushal
1615 - 1645 Invited Talk 6
Speaker: Dr. Arun Balaji Buduru, IIIT Delhi
Title: User-Centric Approaches for Protecting Cyber Infrastructures with Self-Learning Capabilities
Session Chair: Dr. Sambuddho Chakravarty
1645 - 1730 Ask us anything session. Post your questions here. C01

EMC Workshop

WHAT: Workshop / Demo.

WHEN: 1400 - 1700hrs Feb 10, 2017

WHERE: C01, Academic Building, IIIT Delhi

WHO / ORGANISERS: Mr. Manzar Chaudhary and Mr. Kaushik Das, EMC team

Title: Fraud & Risk Intelligence – Financial fraud happens every 15 seconds and Inspire Everyone to Own Risk (GRC Ecosystem)

Agendas: Description: Technology continues to change the battle field for fraud, creating new challenges for financial-services industry. Fraudsters are evolving constantly, they are very adaptive. Financial fraud is a big business - ~ 20 billion USD direct losses annually. Financial Transactions in India have become increasingly technology-driven - ~70% rise in mobile banking users between 2012 and 2016. According to RBI records, 22 million of the 589 million bank account holders use mobile banking apps. The volume of mobile banking transactions has risen from ~ (INR)18,190 million in 2011–12 to ~ (INR)1,018,510 million in 2014–15. It is no more about user authentication during login.Transactional frauds are primarily post login activities. So how do you ensure integrity of the financial transaction done using Web and/or Mobile channels?
In this session you will know very interesting facts about financial fraud and Intelligence driven fraud prevention solutions of RSA. – RSA eFraud network and how it works?. How step-up authentication mechanism works based on real-time decision on genuine user vs fraudster? You will get to know how user behavior, device profiles, geo-locations etc are used by a self-learning Risk Engine to detect a fraud in real time. You will know more technical details about various authentication methods like, OOB-Phone, OOB-SMS, OTP, Challenge questions,Transaction Signing etc. It will be a very interactive session which will be followed by eFN/Transaction Signing Demo and Q&A.

These days, you can’t invest in anything that doesn’t bring value to the company. Your current manual processes make it difficult to get information to your stakeholders quickly; from version control issues to inconsistent methods of measurement, this scattered information is becoming an obstacle for your team to remediate risk. Even the most successful point solutions will only multiply this challenge as information gets stored in different servers and used in different ways by each department. If you can’t reduce risk and compliance incidents across each business unit, you’ll face hard questions about the relevance of your GRC program to the initiatives of the larger organization. But what’s worse, a major risk event could jeopardize your brand’s reputation and consumer trust, allowing your competition to jump ahead. GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) should INSPIRE the business owners to change the way they think about compliance and risk. They must change the way they conduct their business and technology needs to be part of that equation. In our session, we will talk about the GRC Overview and followed by an interesting real time Risk Management Case Study.

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CyberEye Workshop

WHAT: Workshop / Demo.

WHEN: 1400 - 1700hrs Feb 10, 2017

WHERE: C02, Academic Building, IIIT Delhi

WHO / ORGANISERS: Mr Ram Ganesh, Director, Cyber Eye team

Title: Endpoint Security 101 - Offense and Defense

Description: The idea that our security starts and ends with a firewall or an anti virus is lame. With exponential increase in the number of devices getting connected to the internet and the concept of BYOD across organizations, the attack surfaces are growing in number. Also, it has become increasingly difficult for an individual or an organization to keep track of such advancements and defend against the threats across various attack surfaces.

Often, the answer to these might look as simple as multi layered approach or Defense in Depth. Endpoint security is a critical component in multi layered defense and in this workshop we will be exploring the concept in a technical detail with hands-on session:
This will enable participants to understand and analyse endpoint security threats and implement defensive controls in a multi layered approach.

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Panel Discussion

WHAT: Q & A session

WHEN: 1700 - 1730hrs Feb 11, 2017

WHERE: C01, Academic Block, IIIT Delhi Campus

Description: A panel discussion in the form of Q & A session will be held towards the end of the symposium. The panelists will include Dr. PK and some of the distinguished speakers in the symposium. The discussion will be on related topics of Security and Privacy.

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