Tentative Program - February 13, 2015

Capture The Flag, 1500 - 2000 hours Session Chair: Anuradha Gupta

Workshop / Demo, 1500 - 1700 hrs Session Chair: Ferdous Ahmed
Slides Deck 1
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Tentative Program - February 14, 2015

Time Description Venue
0830 - Registration Outside C01
0915 - 0930 Introduction by PK C01
0930 - 1000 Keynote 1
Speaker: Prof. N. Balakrishnan
Cyber Security - The Indian Approach
Session Chair: Prof. Pankaj Jalote
1000 - 1030 Invited Talk 1
Speaker: Prof. Debin Gao
Personal keystroke dynamics leakage in on-the-fly web applications
Session Chair: A. V. Subramanyam
1030 - 1100 Invited Talk 2
Speaker: Dr. Saikat Guha
Towards Catching Click-Spam on Facebook Ads
Session Chair: Rishab Kaushal
1100 - 1145 Photo session and Coffee break Glass enclosure, Ground floor
1145 - 1215 Keynote 2
Speaker: Prof. Ravi Sandhu
Attribute-Based Access Control Models and Beyond
Session Chair: Rahul Purandare
1215 - 1315
Paper Presentation
Session Chair: Prof. Anupam Joshi
1330 - 1530 Lunch
Poster session
Session Chairs: Sambuddho Chakravarty, Anuradha Gupta, Rishab Kaushal
Lobby area, Ground floor
1530 - 1600 Invited Talk 3
Speaker: Prof. Anupam Joshi
Context Aware, Policy based approaches to (Network) Security
Session Chair: Sachin Lodha
1600 - 1630 Invited Talk 4
Speaker: Mr. Shuva Brata Deb
Challenges of developing a good security solution
Session Chair: Ferdous Ahmed
1630 -1700 Invited Talk 5
Speaker: Dr. Sachin Lodha
Future Tense of Data Privacy
Session Chair: Sanjay Bahl
1700 - 1715 Concluding Remarks: PK C01
1745 - 1900

Poster Presentation

Session Chairs: Sambuddho Chakravarty, Anuradha Gupta, Rishab Kaushal
Lobby area, Ground Floor
1900 - Dinner Lawn - in front of Library Building

Accepted Papers

  1. An Enhanced Dynamic Identity Based Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Card without a Verification Table . Sumitra B., Pethuru C., and Misbahuddin M. Slides
  2. TweetCred: Real-Time Credibility Assessment of Content on Twitter. Gupta A., Kumaraguru P., Castillo C., and Meier P. Slides

Accepted Posters

You will be provided with a poster board of size 36 inch X 48 inch. Please bring your printed poster, with maximum size of 36 inch X 48 inch to the Symposium.

  1. A Secure and Light Weight Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network in Internet of Things. Sarvabhatla M., Kodavali L., and Sekhar C.
  2. A Secure and Light Weight Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Sarvabhatla M., Kodavali L., and Sekhar C.
  5. An Exploration to Privacy issues in Location Based Services. Gupta R., Rao U.
  6. Permission based Malware Analysis & Detection in Android. Seth R., Kaushal R.
  7. Improving Spam Detection in Online Social Networks. Gupta A., Kaushal R.
  8. Expansive Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks for Linear Infrastructure. Shah K., Jinwala D.
  9. Investigating approaches for privacy preserving Traffic surveillance. Patel K., Patel S.
  10. Energy Efficient Secure Virtualization in Cloud. Sharam S., Kaushal R.
  11. Machine Learning Approach for Botnet Detection. Rathee R., Kaushal R.
  12. Identifying ’Work from home’ Scams in Twitter. Nand P., Gupta T., and Bansal D.
  13. Cross Layer Design For Secure Service Dissemination Over Flying Ad Hoc Networks. Sharma V., Kumar R.
  14. Misbehaviour Detection in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks. Mahi A., Batra S.
  15. Rumor: Detecting Misinformation in Twitter. Dayani R., Kaushal R., Chhabra N., Kadian T.
  16. Police on Facebook: Improving Online Public Communication for Police and Residents. Sachdeva N., Kumaraguru K.
  17. A Comprehensive Study on Secure Clustering Approaches for Big Data Mining. Pandove D., Goel S.
  18. PREDICTING USER INTEREST FROM MOUSE DATA. Bhargava A., Gupta A., and Srivastava V.
  19. A Secure Single Sign on Based Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Mobile Phones. Binu S., Misbahuddin M., and Raj P.
  20. A Steganography Implementation based on LSB & LDR Algorithm. Parihar V., Gehlot D., and Choudhary A.
  21. Capability Based Messaging: Access Control in IoT. Saxena A., Duraisamy P., and Kaulgud V.
  22. A Secure and Privacy aware framework for p2p networks. Barbhuiya F., Ahuja K.
  23. You Are Being Watched: Analysis of JavaScript-Based Trackers. Mehra A., Garg V., and Saxena S.
  24. Analyzing Social and Stylometric Features to Identify Spear phishing Emails. Dewan P., Kashyap A., and Kumaraguru P.
  25. Privilege Escalation Attacks in Android: Their Approaches, Detection and Defense Techniques. Dengre S., Kaushal R.
  26. TweetCredCrisis: Real-time Assessment of Quality of Content Posted on Twitter during Crisis Events. Gupta A., Castillo C., and Kumaraguru P.
  27. Followers or Phantoms? An Anatomy of Purchased Twitter Followers. Aggarwal A., Kumaraguru P.
  28. PyP - Protect your Privacy. Tatavarthy S., Lad D., Bende I., Khandelwal M., Kumar V., Dixit A., Shukla M., Banahatti V., and Lodha S.
  29. Detection of Backdoors in Windows processes. Ahuja M., Gupta A.
  30. Ethical Hacking of License Managers. Agarwal K., Kallurkar P., Krishna S., and Sarangi S.

Workshop / Demo

WHAT: Workshop / Demo.

WHEN: 1500 - 1700hrs Feb 13, 2015

WHERE: C11, Academic Building, IIIT Delhi

WHO / ORGANISERS: EMC team from Bengaluru

Title: Understanding and Detecting Malware
Description: During this workshop, we will begin with understanding malware and various techniques that are used by malicious developers. We will cover why traditional security products like antivirus fail to detect these malwares. We will then have a live demonstration of real malware getting infected in a clean machine and show how advanced techniques like behavioral analysis help in detecting malware using RSA ECAT product.

Title: Understanding Advance Persistent Threat
Description: During this workshop, we will begin with understanding APT (Advance Persistent Threat) and what are different mechanisms used by the malicious developers. We will further discuss about how threat model changes over a period of time and discuss how RSA Security Analytics brings in the capability to analyze such an attack. We will demonstrate a session reconstruction to bring out how the system in question is infected. Register here

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